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Worse app ever

You pay for it and you don’t get anything out of it. Total waste. Unable to play anything.

Great app for Apple Watch 👍

This is a pretty great little app, definitely worth the $.99 for sure. I downloaded it was a gamble hoping I could listen to my podcast while I run and not have to carry along my iPhone, this app works exactly as it says and does just that. The interface is slightly confusing for the first five minutes of opening the app, but if you have a decent IQ you can figure it out 👍

Slow clunky transfer, but it works

I was glad to find an app that works, But have grown frustrated by the clunky transfer process. Perhaps I’m doing it wrong, but a transfer of an hour long podcast seems to take 30 minutes or more, and seems to stop when the watch goes to sleep. (Do I have to babysit this thing and keep tapping it? That seems to help.) can’t wait for a seamless experience. I’d pay for it.

Doesn’t work

This app stinks

Doesn’t work

I want my Money back it never ever works


I just downloaded this app 3 minutes ago and have already been asked to rate it. Congrats, you annoyed me so much that you earned a 1 star review before I even downloaded a podcast

Doesn’t work?

This app doesn’t appear to do anything

Great App

It is a little tricky but works well. Just as advertised! I really like it

Good start and functional

I waited a to review this app until I had used it several times. I have successfully used it on several runs and enjoyed listening to my podcast without having to carry my phone. The app does have some problems but the core parts are working. I can subscribe to and transfer podcast. Then I can play them with just the watch and my Bluetooth headphones. There are a few problems with the timeline of where I am in a podcast if I use another app on my watch while it plays but this normally only causes a problem at end of run.

Very rarely works

The interface is not the most friendly, but I wanted to be able to download podcasts to my watch for runs. However, it is a huge challenge to actually get the files onto the watch and you never know what’s actually downloaded or the status of downloads in progress.


I read a review on this app and how it supposedly allows podcast playback without the use of Bluetooth devices and plays through the watch speaker, so if it does I'm not understanding how to do so. The app works perfectly fine otherwise but considering all the apps on the market that allow podcasting now I bought the app hoping I wouldn't be forced to use headphones. Please tell me I'm not doing something right and it is a possibility and I'll gladly change my rating to 5 stars.

Cannot find the SINGLE podcast in my Library

What a fail. I have one subscribed podcast in my phone's podcast library and this app cannot find it. All my attempts to search get me an error message (in German). And there's no apparent way to contact anyone for HELP for something that should be so simple. ******** You have asked me some valid questions but provided no way to contact you to give answers/examples. The landing page for your “Developer Website” link in the App Store does not have any useful way to contact you. (Email, not Twitter, please.). Let me contact you with specifics/screenshots (etc.) and I’ll try to be helpful.

Needs work

There must be a bug on it -app always freezes -it doesn’t download podcasts

Useful, but buggy

This app is really convenient, but after the most recent update the iPhone app crashes before it finishes opening.

Not but

But transfer is so slow. I am irritated when in a hurry I prefer it because it is easy to search Japanese and so on than Workout ++ App It is awesome if you can download it directly at Apple Watch

Great App - major bug from last update though

This is a great app and a life saver to the developer for taking this on. However, since the last update the app crashes everytime I try and download new podcasts - is there a new update coming soon?

Junk. Waste of time

Do not water your time w this app. It does not work and will only frustrate u!

Nice improvements

I just opened this app again after a while, and I love the new file management features. So easy to use!

Problem with downloads since latest update.

This was a great app until most recent update. Now several of my regular podcasts will not download. They will start to download but will freeze up about midway through the download. I’ve tried to delete feeds and reinstall but nothing works. Please fix!

Few glitches but good.

Had annoying glitches from time to time but the developer responds quickly. Used again yesterday and worked great. I have the cellular Apple watch and I have found: if you turn off WiFi, it uses the watches LTE connection and download are much faster. You can also put your phone in airplane mode and the watch connects directly to your router. This helps with download speeds too.


Thanks to the developer for their quick responses. One update made it unable to download podcasts to the watch, but within a day or two their was an update that fixed the issue. App well worth it if you’re someone who loves podcasts but doesn’t always want to carry around your phone.

Keeps crashing

At first this worked okay a month ago. Now this week the watch app keeps crashing during new downloads to the watch, let alone the time it takes to download on the phone.

Download bug

This is probably the most useful app on my Apple watch and it used to work pretty well until a few days ago. I am having trouble downloading podcasts on my iPhone. When downloading multiple podcasts at the same time, the download % keeps fluctuating on all the current downloads. I have tried deleting and installing the app again, but the problem is still there. I saw there was a download bug update, but I am not sure if you were talking about the same bug. On the watch side also, there are some problems. I have faced this a few times now that I can’t stop the podcasts playing. If I try to change to another podcasts, the two overlap and I hear both of them. The only way to stop is to disconnect the headphones. Not sure how to respond to your comment. I have experienced this problem on the following podcasts: radiolab, this American life, Freakonomics Radio.

Doesn’t work

Been transferring to watch for 2 weeks only one podcast has actually transferred 100%. Got better things to do than waste time baby sitting this app

disappointed :(

I just wanted to be able to hear podcasts out of my Apple Watch while running. It seems that there is no ability to send a podcast over with the new update or something? I keep getting the “session could not be started” message even though I’m doing exactly what it tells me to do, with the watch face lit up and everything. I’ve tried everything and googled the problem several times, nothing. 99 cents wasted. Oh well.

Not good at all

Poor interface, it won’t work as advertised. Waste of money. Don’t pay 99 cents for this app

Does not work. Complete crap.

So i managed to download one podcast and the audio didn’t work this was after waiting 20 minutes for that entire process to get going. The feed doesn’t serve any purpose if you can’t rip episodes for offline easily. The transfer from iPhone was faster but here again the audio did not work. Just files of nothing. Then the app kept freezing and shutting down. A COMPLETE WASTE of money.

Best of the Lot

This is the best podcast app that I could find for the Apple Watch. The interface is somewhat confusing because of Apple’s requirements, according to the developer- hence, the 4 stars. Be sure to watch the developer’s help video in the help section of the app. Also, read Yoboyo’s 5 star review for a more complete view. Thanks to the developer.

So so

I’d love to give the App a great review but it’s too buggy. When it works, it works well but when it doesn’t is extremely frustrating. It’s very easy to download podcasts to phone but transferring to Apple Watch is extremely slow WHEN it works. Sometimes I have to try several times until it transfers. When I am finally able to transfer a podcast to the Apple Watch it’s “hit or miss” to be able to hear it play. Many times I have to either play something via ITunes first, then start the podcast. If that doesn’t work, I have to reset the watch. Hopefully Apple will allow podcasts to be downloaded to Apple Watch without the need for a 3rd party App soon.


Not at all intuitive nor user friendly. Very unreliable transfer of podcasts to my Apple Watch. I have already deleted the

Doesn’t work

Says Watch needs to open to start process. Been sitting here for 15 minutes. Arm up. Watch open. Still tells me Watch needs to be open. Nothing happens.

Must have podcast on Watch workaround

Best option out there to get the podcasts on your watch and listen when running or out without your phone. Key way to download: 1) must be on your home WiFi network 2) turn your iPhone into airplane mode 3) search for the podcast on your watch and download from there - it will run directly from WiFi and download in a flash

Crashed my Watch

It took a week to figure the app out. It takes 40 minutes of vigilance to insure a podcast makes it to the watch. And then to boot, it rendered all other apps on my watch unable to play any audio. I had to do a hard reset on the watch to get everything working again. I would suggest finding another app.

What happened to the background download option?

So in these latest releases when I download a podcast directly on the watch, I no longer see the foreground / background option. At times when I have a slower connection, the background option did take while, but it would eventually download without me having to monitor it. Any reason why it can’t be brought back? Overall a good App. Some glitches around the display / playing podcasts at times, but still extremely useful. I would pay $1.99 for it to help fund future development / new features.

It was good

Before the last update the app woked fine but the update ruined it. i now need to make the watch screen on in order to download any thing

Completely dysfunctional

Do not invest any money into this app. It is completely dysfunctional and won’t work. Tried downloading a podcast and it completely glitches out. Thought the update would fix the problem but it is still there. So disappointed.

Won't launch on 3.2.3

Been using this app for a while and mistakenly hit update today. Unfortunately it won't launch on WatchOS 3.2.3. I tried a full uninstall/reinstall but it didn't fix the issue. I really like the app and hope this issue can be fixed.

Podcasts on I-watch!

Thanks you developer(s)! I’m able to listen to podcasts on my I-watch. Yes downloads to the watch take a few minutes, but it’s well worth the time. Just requires a little planning ahead of time.

Grateful for this app!

This app does the job it needs to do, within limitations set by Apple. I rely on it every day so I can avoid taking my phone to listen to podcasts while running. It’s not very polished, but very functional. In fact I’m glad this is clearly a dedicated watch player app: larger multi-purpose podcast apps (Overcast) had to remove watch functionality because frustrated users didn’t realize the annoying barriers Apple put in place, and left bad reviews. The developer regularly pushes new updates that bring improvements. I don’t like that we need an extra app to play podcasts on the watch, but am super grateful that someone does the work to provide this functionality.

Version 3.0 breaks all methods of loading onto watch

The previous version worked fairly well: manage podcasts with Overcast, export to iPhone-Watchplayer, turn off Bluetooth, export to watch-Watchplayer, repeat, turn on Bluetooth, play on watch. Version 3.0 breaks all of this. First, podcasts exported to iPhone-Watchplayer just pile up in Watchplayer’s queue at 0% progress... forever. Second, any attempt to export directly to watch either completes (eventually) without ever posting the newly downloaded podcast... or complains about the session even though watch-Watchplayer was active and visible when the session was initiated. Yes, I have deleted and reinstalled both {iPhone,watch}-Watchplayer. Yes, I am running iOS 11.2.2 on iPhone 8 plus. Yes, I would LOVE for this all to work. Yes, Apple should remedy all of the deficiencies in WatchOS that Marco has identified. Until then, can we revert to the previous version of Watchplayer?

Fantastic app

Not fully perfected but aesthetically is much more pleasing after the update. It works very well 99% of the time and is a must have for runners


Works great!


I want money back.

Almost Perfect

App works well, and the transfer speeds, while slow, make sense due to Apple’s limitations. However, it would be nice to see a progress bar on the transfer feed, or some indication that there is progress happening. Otherwise, good app!

Doesn’t work

It takes forever to download a podcast to the watch and then times out.

Great app

It took me a little bit of time to figure out how everything in the app works, but once I did it works really well. I should’ve read the instructions in the app. One very important suggestion to users, when you are transferring a podcast from your phone to your watch, TURN OFF BLUETOOTH on your phone. This will dramatically speed up the file transfer. The phone will use WiFi to talk to the watch instead and it’s MUCH faster.

Transfer rate

Love the app, thanks for creating it. Could you include some type of progress bar on the files being transferred to the watch? It’s impossible to tell if a transfer will succeed or fail or whether it’s happening at all. Thanks.

Doesn’t Work

Says that the transfer has begun, but there’s no indication of progress and I waited over 12 hours. I’m kind of ticked that I paid a dollar for an app that doesn’t do the one thing I wanted it to do—transfer podcasts to my phone.

Functional and useful / make Audiobook version!

Apple has dropped the ball on allowing podcasts and audiobooks to sync to the Apple watch. This app generally works well and allows the transfer of podcasts to the watch. I appreciate the Dev's effort and would love if there was a similar app to allow syncing audiobooks (outside of making MP3 versions and uploading them through the music App).

Hands down the best!

I love podcast and when the LTE Apple Watch was released I had high hopes for the podcast app to be on the watch. It wasn’t, so the searching began. This app is hands down the best! I set up the feed and I can download any episode straight to my watch without my phone even connected. Downloads are super fast. I have no idea how I found this app but I’m glad I did. There was a problem with one of my feeds so i contacted the creator via twitter and got a response almost immediately. Told me thank you and a fix is on it’s way. I couldn’t be more happier with this app. This is what podcasting on the Apple Watch should be!

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